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Basement & Crawlspace Vapor Barriers

Basement and crawlspace walls do not have to be leaking to create moisture problems in your home. Concrete walls, whether block, stone or poured, allow water vapor to pass through creating high humidity and or mold. Contact your local waterproofing contractor to place a durable wall covering over the basement walls offers protection against moisture, mold, mildew, humidity and potential wall leaks.

If your walls are damp and stained placing a vapor barrier over the wall will not only make the stone, block our poured walls look better but will act as a shield for the living space from water vapor transmission.

A low permeability vapor barrier in conjunction with a sealed interior drain system protects your basement against moisture. This moisture can cause mold, mildew, fungus, odors and poor indoor air quality. Sealing your basement walls not only makes your basement look better but it protects the health of your family.

Basement Finishing

If you are getting ready to finish all or part of your basement a wall vapor barrier system will protect your investment from moisture and moisture related problems. There will be no more mold and fungus growing on the drywall, no more effervescence stains on the walls and no longer will you have high humidity levels in your new living space. By maintaining lower humidity levels your new wood work will be shielded from excessive expansion by your new low permeability vapor barrier.
Finishing your basement adds valuable living space to your home and can become the new meeting place for friends and family. But, if your newly finished basement has water leaks or floods, this new beautiful space becomes a nightmare. Protecting yourself from this nightmare is as easy as contacting a waterproofing professional.

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

Crawl space vapor barriers reduce energy costs and protects against moisture, mold, radon and unwanted pests. Crawlspace encapsulation techniques will provide a clean storage environment in your crawlspace while decreasing moisture and increasing the overall energy efficiency of your home.

If you have crawlspace mold or crawlspace moisture of any kind, vapor barriers can be your solution, especially when combined with an interior drainage or sump pump system. Dirty, musty smelling crawl spaces with mold and radon gas infiltration can be a thing of the past with quality vapor barrier.
  Crawl Space Vapor Barriers


Do not get confused with thin plastic sheeting and crawl space vapor barriers. Generally high quality crawl space vapor membranes are over 10-mil thick and have a high puncture resistance and low water permeability. Over the years these products have been perfected to provide excellent moisture resistance, high puncture resistance and long term performance. These triple-ply virgin polyethylene membranes will help create a healthy living space from the ground up. Radon and other soil gases will be trapped and not allowed to enter your home any longer. Once installed vapor barrier membranes will combine function and visual appeal via their bright white finish. Your new dry crawlspace will not be damaged by mold and moisture saving you money in the long run.

For more information, contact your local basement waterproofing expert today!
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