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Signs of Water Problems

Whether you have a leaky basement, wet crawl space or a damp basement understanding and identifying the signs of water problems is key to having your problems solved by a waterproofing contractor. From wall cracks, slab floor cracks and block wall ruptures water infiltration causes high humidity and poor indoor air quality not only in your basement or crawl space but throughout your home.
Interior Waterproofing

Effervescence is a wall discoloration caused by water vapor passing through your walls leaving alkaline particles that stain your wall. These stains are signs that you have either hydrostatic pressure on the outside of your foundation walls or the wall and footing is sitting in a pool of water and wicking the water up the wall. Either way the only solution is waterproofing and water diversion to remove the water that is surrounding your foundation.

Subsurface water can also make its way under your foundation causing concrete slabs to heave and crack allowing water to enter the living space. Sealed interior drain systems in conjunction with sealed sump pump systems can relieve this water pressure and divert the water away from your foundation. If left unchecked major structural problems can occur, requiring foundation repairs performed by specialists.

Check your basement or crawl space for the following:

• Walls leaning in or out
• Bowed walls
• Cracks in the poured or block walls
• Water leakage through cracks at base of walls
• Cracked floors
• waterproofing
• Water stains on floors and walls


Crawl Space
• Cracks in the foundation
• Bowing walls
• Tilting or leaning walls

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